Basics of Lumber Tarps

Popularly known as tarpaulins or lumber tarps, these are made to make sure that the lumber remains dry. Another reason to use these tarps is that they are meant to protect the lumber from the wear and tear which happens during transportation and deliveries of goods. One can keep the lumber safe by using a good quality tarp. The tarp is made up of premium quality polyethylene which is ultra-violet treated to ensure that the lumber is free from the harmful effects of sun and rain. These are made under stringent quality conditions to make sure that they comply with the highest of the prevalent standards. Remember to check two very important characteristics of the tarp to ascertain whether it is of superior quality or not. One is the mesh count; higher the mesh count, more superior quality it belongs to and the second thing to notice is the heavy denier, which ensures that the metal is lightweight. These tarps are usually used to cover tall heaps like lumber and have 6 feet or an 8 feet drop.

Silver Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps | Tarps Now

These lumber tarps are coated with heavy-duty polyethylene. The hemlines at the boundaries of the tarp are toughened using a quarter-inch wide triple braided roping. The hemlines are doubly stitched to provide the necessary strength to the tarp. Even the corners of the tarp have armored. These tarps are either square or rectangular in shape. They are equipped to fight every kind of weather and are hence even mildew proof and resistant to the effects of acid as well. One cannot easily tear them. They are treated with UV resistant chemicals on both the sides to protect the tarps from the effects of heavy load. These heavy-duty tarps are used to protect and shield the shipment on flatbed trailers heavy duty tarpaulin.

You have to make sure that the tarps are of very high quality in order to ensure that the lumber is well protected. For this, you need to find out the constituents of the lumber tarp. A tarp of good quality is made up of polyethylene. But nowadays even mesh is used. A tarp is a heavy-duty material but in terms of weight, it is as light as a canvas. While scouting to buy a tarp in bulk, make sure that the ones which you buy are broad enough to cover the lumber completely. This will protect it not only from the sun and rain but also from the dangerous UV or ultra-violet rays and effects of snow. The tarps are available in cases of two or three. These lumber tarps can cover truck beds which can be as long as 48 feet. One can imagine the strength and durability of these tarps when it can sustain a load of 8 feet high pile up on the trucks. The price of a single tarp ranges from $300 to $400 and the sets come in the range of $850 and above. All the tarps have three rows of D-Rings and eyelets on the hemlines.

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