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The smart phone of the century is has hit the market with a great phone Nokia N97. The new N97 provides you with the newest features in smart phones out there today. If you are looking for a smart phone that provides you with a built in digital camera, then this smart phone is for you. This new Nokia phone gives you the most updated technology in smart phones in the world. The Nokia Company provides us with another smart phone that gives us the features we need.

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The Nokia N97 gives us a new level of technology of the built in keyboard that allows you to message like a small PC computer. The key board provides you with the technology you need to make the emailing and texting system simple Mi 11X. The N97 brings you the features of the nice slide out keyboard and nice outlook. As you know smart phones have everything built in that we need, including media and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is something every smart phone needs. The Internet on a cell phone is the most important thing for texting and emailing. That’s why the N97 from Nokia has brought you the Wi-Fi built in to provide you the Internet access you need. The network this mobile phone uses is the best one yet and allows you to download the files you need fast.

If you are looking for a smart phone that has massive memory then you should look no further as the Nokia N97 has 20 GB of memory that allows you to save many pictures and videos. When you get this high end smart phone you will be happy with the memory that is built in. Nokia N97 provides you with the option of buying more memory that allows you to have more memory on a SD card. The smart phones that are out there today don’t have as much memory as the Nokia N97. The built in memory of the Nokia N97 provides you with plenty of downloadable feature that customize your phone.

The Bluetooth that’s built in the Nokia N97 provides you with the music you need on the FM radio. The FM radio allows you to her a lot of the most update songs in your area. The Bluetooth is a good feature to the N97, which gives you another media option to the phone. The phone also provides you with the media player built in software that allows you to play any format out there today for music.

If you have a Nokia N97 and work long hours at your job and need music, then you should know that the N97 has the features of giving you that music you want. The Downloading of the music is fast and easy. The music that you can download is endless and provides you with the large list of music’s that is out there. When you go out and buy your Nokia N97 you will like the outcome you will get with the latest and highest specification mobile phone to be released by the manufacturer to date.

Joining the new Nokia N97 [http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Nokia/N97.html] is the new Nokia E63 [http://www.phoneslimited.co.uk/Nokia/E63+Blue.html], for more details on both of these handsets please refer to our mobile phones website.

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