Ceramic Weed Pipes

Ceramic underground fireplaces and ceramic weed pipes are a great way to incorporate some of the latest technology into your home. Many of these types of pipes are made with a fire-hardened ceramic material that is capable of being formed into highly conductive pipes that can reach a staggering ten feet in diameter! This means you can have anywhere from one foot of run to one and a half miles of Pipe! It also means that when using them in underground fireplaces you will have better ground heat from your appliances than if you had simply used conventional clay pipes.

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These kinds of underground fireplaces can be formed into a variety of shapes including U, S, L, X and round ceramic weed pipes . There are plenty of other decorative options you can find when using these kinds of ceramic weed pipes too. You can find some that come with different kinds of glass or even some with stained glass to give them even more of an interesting look. It all depends on what kind of style you are going for and how much money you are willing to spend on these items.

If you want to go with a classic design then you can choose from the likes of the Helix Spoon Pipe or the S shape. The Helix Spoon Pipe has a tapered design that can reach up to ten inches in diameter depending on its size. The S shape is known as a double sided tapered pipe that has a two-inch inner diameter and five inches outside diameter.

Some of the other choices include the S, Z, C, T, and O shaped. The O shaped can be hand-blown by companies in Oregon, but most likely you will get your ceramic pipes from a company in Colorado that specialize in hand-blown glass items. With a medium sized size, the Z, C, T, and U shaped pipes can create swirls that look like flowers or other natural structures out in the open.

Ceramic weed pipes range from four and a half inches to six and a half inches in diameter. For those who are looking for a colorful design there are a few options including the S, Z, C, and T, which are all color variations. The colors can range from green, yellow, blue, black, purple, and many other colors. There are also color swirls that look like smoke, snow, or any other type of debris.

Hand-blown glass items are beautiful and they can range from colorful to plain. There are also colors that may not be obvious like black and white, green, and brown. When choosing the proper glass material, there are a few things to consider like if it is clear or colored, and if the glass has a pronounced pattern. A colorful or patterned glass may be more pronounced and may stand out more than clear glass.

The S and Z shapes are very popular for ceramic pipe use. This is because they offer a more discreet installation method. S and Z pipes can range in size from eight to twelve inches in diameter. Some people prefer the eight inch size because it is more unobtrusive and they can install it in a closet or under a kitchen counter.

Ceramic weed pipes can be hand-blown and hand-molded. Hand-blown glass does not have as much variation in color so it is more uniform. Hand-molded pipes can have more color variation like the S and Z shapes but some hand-blown designs do not have as much detail so they can be used in more intricate ways.

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