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Insights derived from the survey outlined below must be taken primarily as anecdotal indications of popular, culturally specific sentiment. It would be nonsensical to weigh interviewer-constructed, curtailed answers received by under a thousand respondents as some form of undisputed truth when gauging the art world’s almost incomprehensibly diverse and expansive practices.

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Respondents preference’s do although hint at more broadly applicable considerations coinigy charts. The survey raises thought provoking questions regarding the future shape of online art sales across a variety of mediums:

“The percentage of art buyers making online purchases has fallen in the past year, and the growth of online art sales has slowed for the second year running, a new report has found. The findings may cause concern for artists who make a living selling art online, although overall, the online art market has continued to grow.

The survey also found that mobile purchases have continued to increase and take a larger share of the market, and social media remains a key way for people to find new art. “The future of the online market is guaranteed, although the shape remains a mystery,” writes Robert Read, Head of Art and Private Clients at Hiscox, the insurance company behind the report. He continues: “Buying art continues to be hugely enjoyable and exciting (as well as occasionally frustrating) and the continued influence of social media, especially Instagram, helps fuel the growth of the market.”

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