Pharmacy Tech Salaries: What’s the Typical Pay Rate for a Pharmacy Technician?

The potential salary for a career change can be a major deciding factor, one that could sway you from something you are more interested in because of the potential to be financially comfortable. When you consider a career field like a pharmacy technician you should know that it is possible to make a good living doing the job, though it is not one that will likely give you the financial means to retire early turinover vermodje .

These days those jobs are left up to the rock stars and athletes of the world, but you are just looking for a healthy living wage and you can get this from the job of a pharmacy technician.

The entry level of a technicians will be in the range of $10 to $12 per hour dependent upon some other factors that may come in to play. For instance, if you have been working for a pharmacy or a business that has a pharmacy for a while and just became certified as a pharmacy technician you may get a better wage.

Other possibilities have to do with the profitability of the pharmacy you work for and the volume of customers that they serve each day.

After a few years of hard work and an increased understanding of the role, you may graduate to a wage per hour of around $13 to $15. This is a very comfortable wage for a young single person or a part of a married, two-income family in just about any city. This may take a while to go from the entry level wage to this wage or it may be something that happens rather quickly as you show your ability to do the job.

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