The Ball-Jointed Dolls Of JamieShow Collection

One of the newest doll lines for the ball jointed category is the Jamie Show dolls which are exclusively sold by Angelic Dreamz shop. The dolls were launched in November 2009 with four series in its line namely Jamie, Ru Yi, Mayumi, and Kura. The dolls were made in limited numbers but were made of high-performance resin which they coined as Smooth H. The team who created JamieShow is proud of this new resin material which is environment-friendly and non-toxic and it has passed stringent manufacturing regulations. The dolls measure 16 inches and are dressed in fashionable contemporary garments ラブドール通販 .

When the dolls were initially launched, it came with removable wigs and removable acrylic eyes. Yet in 2010, the option of having changeable eyes was discontinued and was changed with painted eyes. The new dolls have different body molds, skin tones, and face sculpts. Nevertheless, the dolls still come with removable wigs of different styles and colors. Some new collections available online are the Studio-J Collection, Ovaz Design, Blossom Collection, Basic Doll Collection, and the Special Edition of Sasha Doll.

Interestingly, the dolls have their own wide selection of accessories especially the shoe collection. The shoes are intricately designed up to the minutest details. A pair of shoes can cost $15 to $40 and the types of materials vary and they have a wide selection of plastic, leather and metallic shoes. The dolls were primarily targeted for the adult market and even the newest limited edition Sasha doll cost $425 at least. The Sasha series had also been nominated in the DOTY awards for 2011.

For collectors who are interested in customizing their own JamieShow doll, the accessories section of their seller’s website has a great selection of doll parts. A replacement doll hand starts at $18 and the replacement doll body costs $190. Each hand is molded into different gestures and it is removable for better customization. And to complement the look on these elegant dolls, sets of jewelry are also available.

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