Serene Sitting Rooms

These days we have almost lost sight of the restrained and tranquil sitting room, with a solitary clock marking the time and soothing vistas of green  마곡노래방. Either sofas and chairs have been swallowed up into an open-plan living area, leaving no opportunity for privacy, or a separate sitting room is dominated by the TV and – increasingly – the computer as well. While it’s impossible to mourn the passing of the formal front drawing room, reserved for ‘best’ (and full of uncomfortable chairs, there is still a need for a soothing sitting room at home.

So even if there is an open-plan living area on the ground floor, try to assign one room as a separate sitting room. In many homes, it has been the practice to have a grown-up drawing room in the biggest entertaining space and a family ‘snug’. Think about reversing that trend. Isn’t it better to relegate the TV and computer to a large multifunctional kitchen / sitting / dining area and reserve a small room as a peaceful sanctum? Size is not the issue: this is not a room for impressing guests but a retreat to please you.

Early on, define the purpose of the sitting room. We all have a different notion of a serene space. It could be the chance to replace the TV with a hi-tech music system with ‘invisible’ ceiling speakers. For some, it gives license to line the room with shelves of books and magazines; for others, a tranquil sitting room is a minimalist’s dream all empty walls and cool colors, with zero reminders of everyday paperwork.

When getting the orientation of the room right, remember that a sitting room planned for contemplation, rather than socializing, requires a whole new set of criteria. Most of us don’t have the luxury of choosing between multiple reception rooms, but try to remain open-minded while you mentally review the available space across the whole house or flat. Formal drawing rooms are often at the front of a properly and may boast elaborate architectural detailing, higher ceilings and more generous dimensions. A soothing sitting room, on the other hand, will benefit from more intimate proportions, so you might consider converting a bedroom.

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