How To Weather Life’s Inevitable Storms

In the Northeast, we have a few months to prepare for winter by gathering firewood, securing windows and doors, and getting furnaces cleaned. As with any change, there is always a period of adjustment required. Often change in our lives doesn’t occur so predictably.

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Change can seemingly come out of nowhere and catch us off guard. We are unprepared, shocked and numbed by the news of the results of some medical tests we had, that the job we’ve worked at for the past twenty years is being phased out or, as what happened in Florida recently, a hurricane blows through and wipes out everything in its path. In order to heal from our wounds and disappointments we must turn on our feelings and not stifle our emotions.

Did you know that crying is actually the bodies’ way of keeping us from collapsing? When we allow our tears to flow it releases built up emotions like a cloud bursting from the full weight of rain. The rain then washes down clearing the air and renewing everything.

Like the rain, our tears wash away the toxins built up in our bodies. Yet, many of us are taught that crying is a sign of weakness and must never be shown in public or even in private. We are all taught to “toughen up” if we are to survive when what we need to do is loosen up and let our tears flow.

When was the last time you allowed yourself a good cry that wasn’t in reaction to a sad movie but a reaction to something that happened in your life?

When we are cut off from any of our feelings and emotions this only creates more suffering. residential security companies London Avoiding and denying our circumstance delays us from moving forward in our journey to authenticity.

Like the animals, birds, and butterflies that take refuge from the cold by migrating to warmer places or to a dark cave for the winter, we also need to find places of refuge and comfort as we wait for the sun to return in our lives.

This month, if you find yourself needing a little shelter from life’s inevitable storms, spend a time creating a space in your home where you can go and cocoon. Make your space inviting and nourishing. Fill it with soft blankets to wrap up in and pillows to hold. Add music, candles, flowers or plants and whatever symbols or photographs that bring you peace and hope.

You can also create this space in your imagination. Think of a place that brings you peace. Picture all of the details of this place: the sounds, sights and smells. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by change and needing refuge you can close your eyes and go to this safe and nourishing place.

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